Portable Appliance Testing

What is Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)?

The Law requires that electrical equipment at work be maintained in a good safe working order. Portable Appliance Testing is the most common way of complying with electrical regulations.

What Are Portable Electrical Appliances?

Portable Electrical Appliances include any electrical equipment connected to a 240 / 110 volt supply socket. In most cases it is equipment that is plugged into a 13 amp electrical socket outlet.
Any appliances on your premises that can be used by employers, employees, customers or the public must be maintained in a safe condition.
Examples of portable appliances include; computers, photocopiers, printers, heaters, televisions, VCRs, hairdryers, food mixers, kettles, cleaners, fans, drills, work tools, fridge / freezers and extension leads.

What Does Portable Appliance Testing Involve?

As part of the test, our technicians will always perform an initial visual test to ensure any significant defects are identified. Once this has taken place, our testing procedure will include;

  • Earth Bond Test
  • Earth Continuity Test 
  • Insulation Test
  • Operation Test 
  • Earth Leakage Test
  • Flash Test

Following testing, each appliance will be labelled with either a "PASS" or "FAIL" sticker and we will provide you with certification.

PAT Testing Quotation

For your bespoke PAT quotation please contact our dedicated team on 01483 237812 or alternatively email sales@acs-southeast.com who can assist you with your Electrical Equipment Safety. 

Contact us today to discuss your specific Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) requirements >> 

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