BMS Maintenance and Testing

Ensure optimum functionality of your building management system all-year-round with our bespoke BMS packages.

What is Building Management System Maintenance and Testing​?

Building management system maintenance is the constant set of activities that ensure your building systems are working at their maximum efficiency levels in order to allow employees to be comfortable and productive in their workplace. These can include electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and lighting systems and many more. Maintaining the correct building management climate for any environment plays a huge role in allowing a facilities operation to run smoothly.

What are the main types of BMS Maintenance?

There are several types of maintenance, however, most are broken down into three broad types:

  1. Reactive maintenance (testing when needed for such situations as emergency call outs, e.g., fire alarm testing)
  2. Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) (planning routine activities in advance to prevent any aspect of the system from breaking down, e.g., cleaning filters from air conditioning systems, calibration of sensors and software upkeep)
  3. Upgrades and Optimisation (a result of maintaining your system on a consistent basis. This can help maintain and provide that the optimum performance is reached to make the most of the control system.

Why is BMS maintenance and testing important?

Investing in a building’s electrical and mechanical facilities minimises downtime and most importantly ensures optimum functionality of a facility at all times. With the correct maintenance, monitoring and regular servicing, your building management system can deliver greater efficiency and reliability and most importantly when monitored regularly, these automated systems can help with the overall reduction of building costs and energy saving. With this in mind, you can rely on your BMS system to provide years of dependable service, while achieving an energy-efficient outcome and lower associated cost output. 

Why Choose ACS for BMS maintenance and testing?

We offer a range of support and maintenance service packages. You can call us out on an ad-hoc basis, or we can provide bespoke ongoing support. We also offer integral remote support and bms system monitoring, which enables us to detect problems as soon as they arise. Using up-to-date system analysis we can ensure optimum performance for your building, recommending best actions for your specific environmental conditions. 

By choosing ACS to monitor, service and test your building management system you can expect:

  • Rapid responses from trained and experienced BMS engineers
  • Support agreements to suit your needs
  • Active monitoring of your BMS system and proactive problem-solving

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