Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

At ACS, our commercial catering engineers give the support and guidance you need to develop a fully functional and correctly designed system.

All commercial catering kitchens must use mechanical ventilation systems to create a comfortable working environment that promotes health and safety at work as well as good hygiene and food safety. Properly functioning ventilation systems are important in ensuring kitchen safety.

Gas Canopy Interlock systems

The objective of all ventilation systems is to ensure safe working conditions in the kitchen. The cooking process will generate products of combustion, heat etc, all of which are required to be kept within safe environmental limits by operation of the ventilation system.

If a mechanical system fails or is not working correctly, the environment may become unsafe or unfit for work. It is important to make sure all natural and mechanical ventilation systems are working effectively. Therefore an interlocking device must be installed between any mechanical ventilation system and any gas appliance so that in the event of system failure, the gas supply will be automatically shut off. Installation of manual bypasses to such interlock systems is not permitted.

Effective preventative maintenance and cleaning will help to prevent appliances from regularly being shut down due to the ventilation system failing.

If you are unsure of your recent gas installation or any safety issue regarding your gas appliance, please do not wait until the next routine maintenance visit or breakdown. Contact our rapid and reliable emergency response engineer team who can assist you with your ventilation and gas query safely and professionally. 

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